Marley's Mutts relies very heavily on our volunteers!  Donors and Volunteers are affectionately referred to as the Mutt Militia, and the name fits!  Our volunteers and donors give selflessly for a cause - in this case, the Mutts!

If you'd like to volunteer your time with Marley's Mutts, start here by filling out the volunteer application below.  We receive hundreds of applications, so be patient if you don't hear from us right away.  Please be sure to let us know about your skills and talents so we can use you the most effectively.  Thank you in advance for your service to Marley's Mutts!


Mutt Militia, meet long time Marley’s foster, Jassmine Marvel. Jassmine  has been fostering for the past 7 or 8 years and has had around 150 foster dogs during that time. She wanted to do something to fulfill her love of dogs and was placed with her first foster the very day she filled out the application.

Jassmine  has 3 favorite fosters, P-Diddy the min pin, Gordon and Queenie, who was fostered with Jassmine until she crossed the Rainbow Bridge recently. Her most challenging foster was a rottie who took out the air conditioner in her kitchen and escaped out the window!

The most rewarding part of fostering for Jassmine  is knowing she is saving lives and watching a shut down dog come to life right before her eyes. Dogs don’t judge you.

If you are considering fostering, Jassmine  has these encouraging words- “Marley’s Mutts is the best dog rescue in the world. You get to help a dog that has no chance at life, get a life. They take care of all the medical needs, food, toys, leashes and you get to socialize them, take them to adoption events and be a part of something much bigger. You get a whole new family that stands behind you.” Jassmine  is a recovering addict, now 21 years clean, with a love for life. She loves anything to do with the water and says she is a pretty good wake boarder. Jassmine  loves helping people that want help and getting to share fostering with all her girls at Minnie Marvels. She especially loves fostering the medical cases, geriatrics and special needs dogs.

Thank you Jassmine  for your dedication not only to fostering, but to changing the lives of women and children through Minnie Marvels!