Sex:  Male
Breed:  Terrier Mix
Age:  2 Years
Welcome little Billy to the Mutt Militia family!  Billy is a cute playful little terrier who comes with his own white mohawk.  He's so cool that he doesn't even need to style his furs, he just grows it that way!  He came from the Shafter Shelter after nobody came looking for him and we found an awesome little dog!  He has adjusted amazingly to his fosters home right off the bat!  Billy is a happy dog who loves kids, and other dogs.  Hes not so sure about cats, but hes ok living with them and doesn't seem to bother them to much.  He loves to play with people, and loves to play fetchies with a ball.  Billy is crate trained, potty trained, and loves to be brushes so much so that he falls asleep on his foster moms lap every time she does it.  This little guy is a wonderful dog and is looking for his furever home.  If you think thats you please apply to adopt him today!
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Lil’ Dude

Sex: Male
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Age: 5 months
Lil Dude is a high energy, fun loving pup who has us laughing daily. He absolutely loves to play fetch and is learning to drop his ball/toy at your feet to request another round. Due to early signs of food aggression we implemented some rules at feeding time and he now sits and waits for permission to begin eating. While he is not a cuddler he is always up for a good belly rub and just might sneak in a puppy kiss here and there. Lil Dude is very high energy and will need daily walks and lots of exercise. This little guy just wants to be by your side and watch everything you do, you never feel alone when Lil Dude is around. Because he’s still learning some manners he may not be a good fit for a household with small children as he is still a bit mouthy (we are currently working on that). He does enjoy playing with other dogs but sometimes doesn’t know when enough is enough. He also loves stuffed animals, he’ll carry one around, play with it, sleep with it and make it his best friend. He is crate trained and sleeps through the night. He’ll even let you enjoy your morning coffee before requiring your attention which you will need to prepare for his morning activities. While he has presented some challenges he has also shown he is ready, willing, and able to learn. Continued training will be required with our Marley's Mutts trainer.
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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Pit Mix
Age:  2 Years
Welcome back Rocky to the Mutt Militia!  Rocky had been previously adopted out by good family, but he had developed some insecurities over the time he was in their care.  Since he was reactive to new people, we felt it was best to take him back and get him some training to help him work though his insecurities and find a home that matched his personality.  He's spent a few weeks with our trainer Robert Villanaeda to get him back into being a more secure dog.  From there hes headed to foster care to take him even further along his journey to adoption.  Rocky is looking for an adopter who will take him out into the world meeting new people and places.  He would be best in a home with another dog buddy to be pals with, and looking for a human that is a strong pack leader to make him feel secure in the world.  Hes good with kids as long as they are respectful of him.  Rocky is a good boy who is looking for the right people to continue his training education and open up the world to him.  If you're looking for a pup like Rocky please apply to adopt him today!
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Brown Baron

Sex: Male
Breed: Beagle Mix
Age: 14 Weeks

TO: General M. Mutts

FROM: Sgt. Stubby

RE: Intelligence reports on the Brown Baron

New intelligence on the infamous Brown Baron has been received. Following his dogfight with Capt. Snoopy, Baron was seen in the same POW camp [aka hoarding] in which Capt. Snoopy was found. Baron was apparently testing security measures there as, despite his plump exterior, he can scale thirty-six inch high pens. Baron’s flying style can be described as fearless, even playful. He is just as likely to dive into a furball involving larger, older pilots as he is to pounce from above on solitary aviators his own size. Baron can be recognized when traveling by the trophies (aka toys) he often carries with him and by his frequent stops for meals. Those responsible for Baron’s well-being have been observed to use food and belly rubs to motivate and calm him respectively. But, DON’T be fooled! Baron is highly intelligent and capable of accepting training and learning new skills. He has also shown a solid interest in chew toys.

Reports from inside German High Command suggest they are looking to transfer Baron to a new squadron. These developments should be closely watched, as any new squadron that includes the Brown Baron is almost certainly going to be successful.

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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Beagle Mix
Age:  14 Weeks

TO:        General M. Mutts

FROM:  Commander, American Expeditionary Forces, Army Air Force

RE:        Captain Snoopy

Captain Snoopy was liberated from a POW camp (aka hoarding) in March ’18 after his last mission versus the Brown Baron.  Capt. Snoopy fractured both front paws and only recently had the splint removed from his left paw.  (The bones in his right paw had already set and did not require immobilization.)   Flight Surgeons have determined that Capt. Snoopy is well on the road to recovery and is rapidly regaining the muscle tone lost in his leg while immobilized.  They suggest, however, that hard landings be avoided in the future.

His current squadron leader reports that Capt. Snoopy is happy, playful, and gets on well with the other pilots in his squadron and even with his German (Shepard) nurse (although she does report that he can be a pest).   When not carousing with his fellows he enjoys appropriate chew toys, and sunning himself on the grass or napping on any blanket, bed, or couch available.

Based on the reports of the Flight Surgeons and his current squadron leader, I believe Capt. Snoopy is ready for reassignment to an appropriate squadron that would appreciate this plucky puppy pilot.

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The Man Behind the Mutts

Zach Skow was dying of liver disease when he was 28 years old. He had delusions of other kinds back then, but not about his own mortality. He had abused his body with alcohol and drugs since he was a teenager; he existed in a haze of using, selling, and lying his way to his next retreat with the substances that were stealing his life. The raw reality of end stage liver disease meant his organs were losing function; time was against him much like the voice that had raged in his head since his downward spiral began. 

The war of angry words in Zach’s consciousness mocked him with incessant reminders of worthlessness and fear. This emotional turmoil held him hostage when interacting with others; drinking and drugs masqueraded as the anecdote offering false courage. The spell of his addiction meant Zach drove and worked drunk; no space was safe from his destructive pattern.  Zach fantasized about ways to end his existence, but perhaps a purpose yet to be realized blocked his ability to ever enact this desire. 

When he was admitted to Bakersfield Memorial hospital, he was given 90 days to live without a liver transplant and would have to remain sober for six months to receive it. Zach’s organs continued to shut down, he was swollen with a yellow hue to his eyes and body. He was poked, prodded and withstood the intensity of various medical procedures. Barely existing within the walls of this environment, Zach’s father took matters into his own hands. He broke his son out of this hospital and found a way to transition him to Cedar Sinai as a comprehensive transplant patient. Several weeks into this medical odyssey, Cedar Sinai released Zach to the Tehachipi, CA, home of his father so he could essentially prove his sobriety and fitness for the potential transplant.  The odds of Zach being ready for a clean, healthy liver in four months were slim. His dark night of the soul continued. His will to live waned.

Arriving to the mountains with his dad, Zach was a shadow of his former self; 140 lbs. of atrophied muscle, bruises, scars, blisters on his feet- all signs that tauntingly announced his recovery was still in doubt. A seizure-filled, painful withdrawal from opiates, administered to him in the hospital, resulted in trips to the emergency room. If Zach had figuratively looked up, he would have seen rock bottom; and yet the intimacy and bonding with his sole caretaker, his father, escalated to new heights.

Weakened, and broken, one fate-filled day, Zach looked at himself in the mirror, where the agony of his current life reflected at him through hollowed eyes. Soul crushing experiences had challenged his dignity, and the dam of emotion broke as tears washed his soul for a new day. He noticed some other beings in the frame of that mirror. His rescue dogs, Tug, Marley, and Buddy wagged their tails expectantly and vigilantly in unison. These trusting dogs only held love for the man they saw as king and leader of their pack. Zach had led the large dog foster program at the Humane Society years before, fanning the embers of his advocacy for the toughest, and hardest to place dogs. He felt a kinship to the animals deemed less desirable by society; creatures whose emotional scars were planted so often by no fault of their own.

Zach’s dogs became his teachers and his inspiration.  He summoned the strength to begin daily walks and write in his journal. His pups didn’t let him wallow or stagnate in the house; their needs became the vision Zach would need to see his way out of his darkness. The animals could have cared less about his past failings, or current condition. He was their world. Despite infection and physical draw backs, walking the dogs became a vital motivational practice that led to road trips, and visits to parks and playgrounds. The haven for Zach’s most profound healing shifted from his environment to his mind- with this transformation, he dared to dream again.

As with many of the best opportunities in life, Zach began to save more and more dogs organically as his passion for this work deepened, and soon, the idea of founding a rescue organization was born.  Marley, his Rottweiler pit bull mix, had shown great leadership in reigning in dogs, and instructing them about the rules of being in a pack. With him by his side, Zach founded Marley’s Mutts in the spring of 2009.  He felt confident he could serve more homeless, often abused, physically and mentally challenged dogs, subsequently placing them in well-matched forever homes. In Zach’s words, “Marley’s Mutts means life.”

Zach’s conscious recovery process included making a radical change in his diet, it became low salt, and flush with vitality-infused smoothies; he ate lots of vegetables, fruits and chicken.  Accountability stirred with his commitment to AA meetings; as he became cleaner and clearer.

Zach’s body, mind and spirit became aligned with his life’s purpose. Marley’s Mutts has saved thousands of dogs to date. Their focus on community outreach sets a gold standard in addressing the needs of individuals and populations with the gifts rescue dogs bring. Prison inmates gain life- affirming and recidivism ending skills as dog trainers through the Pawsitive Change program. Marley’s Miracle Mutts utilizes rescue therapy dogs to assist those in need of comfort, social enrichment, and those in addiction recovery programs. Zach is humble in his own accomplishments, and though he has received awards for his work, he prefers to focus on the contributions he and his team and volunteers at Marley’s Mutts can make in the world.  “I live to find the potential in the throw aways. I very much felt like a throw away human.”

Serendipitously, in August of 2016, on the anniversary of the day he was first admitted into the hospital with his fatal disease, a fibrosis scan revealed his liver was no longer cirrhotic. Restoring normal liver function was a banner of the miraculous conspiring to give Zach a greater voice. This inclusion in a 1% of people in his original condition, revitalizing a dying liver,  was recently confirmed by another scan. Back surgery in 2015 was a feat that has left a challenging impact on most everything he endeavors to do, but he is centered, grounded and works with this condition in a positive way.  He wears his vulnerability like a second skin. He relates to the struggles of others while using his message and painful memories to enhance lives. Gratitude fuels his day’s connections and interactions.

Destiny called once more in the most unexpected way. Zach never thought he would marry or have his own family, but when he met Heather, he fell in love immediately. No stranger to the dog rescue community, Heather, a beautiful, compassionate woman, has made a home with Zach, adding her own magical touch to the rehabilitation and fostering of many of the neediest yet deserving dogs that have passed over the threshold of Marley’s Mutts. Only one thing could more powerfully shadow the darkness of Zach’s prior fear, despair, and pain. Light. It came in its purest form with the birth of their baby, girl, Shiloh Rain in April, 2018. It took him many years to discover, he was born to nurture.  Zach now feels like a passenger in a greater life plan; he is thankful for his dream team of supportive friends, family, and spiritual guidance that is woven into the fabric of his being.

-Caryn Casey


Sex:  Female
Breed:  German Sheppard Mix
Age:  5 Years
Welcome the beautiful lady Marilyn to the Marleys Mutts family!  Marilyn was an owner surrender to the shelter for unknown reasons.  We found he sweet loving face to hard to pass up and leave at the shelter.  She had super long over grown nails causing her to have a hard time walking comfortably, so we took care of that right away so she could walk with ease.  This girl has a happy dance that she does when shes excited and its the cutest thing to see ever!  Marilyn is a middle ages girl with lots of life yet to live.  Shes good in a car and on a leash, loves people and loves to smell everything she comes in contact with in the outside world.  She is living with her new fosters up in Cupertino and is living with a cat!  Shes done well with her feline foster sibling and should also do well with other cats so long as shes given the time to get to know them.  Marilyn does well with other dogs provided she gets properly introduced to them as well.  If you are looking for a sweet fabulous girl to make a member of the family than look no further than Marilyn and apply to adopt her today!​
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Sex;  Male
Breed:  Pitbull Terrier
Age:  2 Years
Na na na na na na BATMAN!  Welcome the caped crusader to the Marleys Mutts family!  Batman came to us from our rescue partner Reversed Rescue ans is just a bigger version of Ty's dog who is also named Batman.  This big guy looks a tad intimating at first but once you get past his exterior, you'll find that hes got a big heart of gold!   It takes him a bit to warm up to men, but he LOVES the ladies!   Batman is housebroken and crate trained. He is excellent in the leash. He can sit, stay, shake and lay down. He comes when called and sits next to you.   He does like to play rough and be a bit mouthy when playing but we are working on that with him and will need to continue with that training once hes adopted.  This big guy also is really good with other dogs both big and small if hes properly introduced.  He does however think that fluffy little white dogs are fun toys to play with so he would be best in a home without one of those guys.  He hasn't been around kids much and would need to be supervised with them.  Batman is looking for a home with someone who he can be with all day as he has some separation anxiety and will whine in his crate.  He does great when left alone in the crate with peanut butter Kongs and chew bones to keep him entertained.  Batman will need someone who is a strong pack leader and be willing to take him on adventures and to training so he can be the best dog he can once hes adopted.  If you're looking for a dog who is a diamond in the rough Batman is your guy.  Apply to adopt him today!
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Sex:  Female
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  7 Months
Give a big welcome to sweet Ariel to the Marleys Mutts family!  Ariel came to Marleys from a small rescuer in Arvin who found her dumped in the fields starving in need of some help.  They were able to rescue her and start her on her path to being healthy.  Ariel is a sweet loving young dog who wants nothing more but to snuggle all day.  This cute girl is good with kids, and dogs of all sizes.  She is shy at first but within five minutes she is giving everyone kisses!  She is now learning how to be a dog and playing with both dogs and toys.  This girl would be good in pretty much any kind of home.  We're betting she's also good with cats because of her sweet nature.  If you are looking for a sweet loving young dog than Ariel is your girl!  Please apply to adopt her today!
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Sex:  Female
Breed:  German Shepard
Age:  5 Years
Welcome beautiful Tulip to the Marleys Mutts family!  Tulip was rescued from Kern County Animal Services in really bad shape.  She only weighed 35 pounds the day she was rescued when a healthy German Sheppard her size should weigh around 70lbs. We found out that she was suffering from a lot of issues causing her weight to be so low besides being found out at a dump in the middle of the desert.  She had Coccidia, Giardia, kennel cough and a whole slew of other parasites that she picked up in the landfill.  Tulip has gotten over all of those with treatment but still is having some belly troubles that we are working out proper treatment with the vet to make sure she lives a long and healthy life once shes adopted.  Every week she gains more strength and new pieces of her personality start to shine through. Tulip is good with dogs, cats and great with kids.   We've discovered that she is a highly trained dog and can sit, follow, lie down, is great on a leash, and is a gentle girl.  Shes an all around wonderful dog!  She may still need vet care after she is adopted and be on a special diet but that wont stop Tulip from being a wonderful companion to someone.  If you would like to adopt this awesome dog, please apply to adopt her today!
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