Wild Bill

Sex: Male
Breed: Lab X
Age: 12 years old
Did you know black dogs are 50% less likely to be adopted from a shelter?
And that large dogs are 50% less likely to be adopted from shelters?
And did you also know that seniors are >50% less likely to be adopted from a shelter?
I’d say the math wasn’t in this old guys favor but Marley’s Mutts doesn’t care about math!
If you haven’t yet been introduced to “Wild Bill,” let me introduce the myth, the man, the legend. Known by his friends as the Billster, you can call him Bill. He is the young age of... 12? He has that whole George Clooney thing going for him and he has quite the swag with the younger gals. His demeanor is chill and cool and he even let’s the human kiddos tug and love on him. He is about the coolest dog I know. Don’t let the gray hair fool you, just like Mr. Clooney, this gent just gets better with age.
Wild Bill loves to go hiking and walking at the park or is content to just sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing. He falls into the household routine like a pro. Young dogs, small dogs, big dogs, old dogs he loves them all!  For an older dog, he is really active and doesn’t have any restrictions whatsoever. I know that one of you out there is going to be his family, we just need to find you. Got a thing for handsome frosted faces? Apply to bring Wild Bill home today.
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