In our disposable society the imperfect are rarely embraced. So often they are discarded without a second thought to the gem that lays quietly beneath the faded exterior.

Tobias came to Kern County Services after he was picked up as a stray. The years of wear were worn all over his tired body. His fur was brittle and falling out, his eyes were cloudy and vision impaired, he walked with a hitch to his step and a hunch to his back, someone cut off a portion of his tail and half of one ear and he had a huge tumor wrapped around his leg. Life and humans were not kind to this little guy. Our society has become so fickle that a life is no longer useful if it’s damaged or worn.

We do see the value in the perfectly imperfect and Tobias is getting his 2nd Chance through us. He will have his tumor removed and get neutered on February 7th. Between 2-4 weeks after that 1st surgery he will go back for a dental. We expect him to be adoption ready in late February to early March. Tobias has settled into foster care and is super sweet and once he knows you super human motivated. While not really a barker he talks a lot to his foster mom but his volume is very low. We expect most of his previous human interaction prior to coming to us was poor and he’s making up for lost time telling his foster mom when he’s not getting enough attention lol. He’s crate trained and we’re working on his house training skills. He’s great with other dogs and good with respectful children. Although older he’s very spry and active.

What Tobias needs now is someone who can look beyond his frosted face and imperfections and give him the home he deserves for his retirement that you?

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