Sex:  Female
Breed:  Terrier Mix
Age:  2 Years
Meet little Norma. She is an approximately 2-year-old black, 25 pound, terrier mix who has been spayed, microchipped, dewormed, and vaccinated. She is very healthy, no allergies and does not have a sensitive stomach. Little Norma found her way to Marley's Mutts because she had puppies and the shelter needed them to be taken in by a rescue because they were too young to be adopted out.  Norma is a little love bug who loves to cuddle. She is well mannered with the exception of sometimes trying to jump on you when she is excited. She is good on leash and great car traveler. She is crate and kennel trained - no barking or whining. She has no separation anxiety and is fine without her humans for long hours.
She does LOVE dogs of all sizes and we would like to see her placed with another fun, playful, confident dog. She is also fantastic with cats! Highly recommend Norma with cats. She is also good with our mini-donkeys as she does not bark at them through their fence. She has no food aggression, bone or toy protective issues – super social with everyone!
Norma has had one accident in the house, but we think she is virtually housebroken – just needs to be watched closely until a routine is established. She has not been destructive with anything, but she is young – so I would not be 100% confident that she will be always perfect.
Norma is very social with all women, but tends to play hard to get with men. She is getting more comfortable every day with my husband, but it will take time and a concentrated effort with lots of patience. He absolutely loves her and he never loves dogs that are shy with him – so… she is SUPER special in my book! She is never aggressive with people – just super shy. Norma is also good with children – but again – it would take time until she is fully comfortable with them – quiet, well mannered, gentle, older kids are recommended. Though she has been tested with toddlers.  Norma will either need to crate/kennel or have a very secure back yard as she is a fence climber – not sure about her ability to jump block walls, but she does scale chain-link. The funny part is that she was ONLY trying to get to the house and dogs (she was staying in a side yard when she climbed over the fence). Once she is with everyone, she never leaves – she is a definite home body.  It will be a very lucky family that gets to adopt this little girl so please apply to adopt her today!
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