Naked Nicky

Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Min Pin Mix
Age:  10 Years
Naked Nicky is one of our longest residents here at Marleys Mutts.  Nicky is a graduate of our Pawsitive Change Prison program and has his Good Citizen Canine Certification.  Nicky has alopicia and that's why hes missing most of his fur, but he really doesn't mind so long as he can get in some rub downs and butt scratches!  He's now officially an "old man" who loves to nap all day long, go for car rides, and sleep in bed at night on his own pillow with you.  Nicky needs a couple of baths a week to help exfoliate his skin and needs daily sunscreen and lotion to keep his skin nice and healthy.   Nicky does have a cataract in one eye so his vision isn't so good anymore.  He gets around the house great and can use a doggy door too.  Hes good with every dog hes met, even if they haven't been so nice to him.  This gentile guy just needs a nice loving home for him to spend the rest of his days with, that will love him no matter how many warts and lumps & bumps he might have.   Please apply to adopt this wonderful dog today!
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