Naked Nicky

Sex:  Male
Age:  10 plus
Breed:  Rat Terrier Mix
Naked Nicky is one of our longest residents in the Marleys Mutts family!  He has been in our care for over two years and it's his time to get his own family to love him!  Nicky has gone through the Pawsitive Change Prison program and graduated with his CGC.  As Nicky has gotten older he has developed a cataract in one eye and is losing vision in the other one making him partially blind.  He does really well with figuring out where everything is in a home within 24 hours with a few bumps into things here and there.  He also has alopecia so he has hair loss all over her body, the alopecia medication actually made it worse to where he lost all of his fur!  Nicky LOVES to snuggle in bed with you all day long!  It's his favorite thing to do so his perfect family would have to be open to co sleeping in bed with him.  He likes to lay his head on the pillow.  Nicky is good with other dogs, but he's a back of the pack kinda dog and does seem to get picked on by other dogs, but he has to be the first one fed or else he gets really cranky lol.  Nicky needs extra care for his skin and needs weekly exfoliating baths, he's really good during his baths and gets the zoomies after he gets out.  All in all, Nicky needs a home with someone home all day long who wants a lap dog and will take him with them wherever they go.  Please apply to adopt this wonderful old mutt today!
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