Sex:  Female
Breed:  Pit bull, French Bulldog Mix
Age:  2 Years
Indigo is the teeniest pitty mix we've ever seen!  Weighing in at only 30lbs, shes a tiny tough bully girl with a heart of gold.  Indy has a lot of energy and loves to let our her  "cry" when shes excited.  So far shes been really good with playing and hanging out with chihuahuas but larger dogs don't seem to be her thing.  Indigo is going to need someone who is a strong pack leader to help her keep her excitement under control and be a good girl.  She is crate trained, leash trained and loves to play with toys too.   This little snack pack of excitement probably wont be good around small kids as she can easily knock them over.  So kids over ten years old would be best.  If you are a bully breed lover who would love to give a great home to a mini pittie girl, please apply to adopt her today!
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