Kern County Foster Application

Foster Feature 

Meet Takoya Frazier. She has been fostering with Marley’s Mutts for the past year and a half and has fostered around 30 dogs including a current mamma pup and her litter of 11! Takoya’s start to fostering occurred when someone from Marley’s Mutts came to her company to pick up a fundraising donation. They mentioned how Marley’s was in need of fosters and told them about this beautiful pit bull that needed a place to crash. So, Takoya jumped in and xhas been fostering since.
Takoya’s favorite foster was Chance, her foster fail! He was the runt of a litter less than a week old. When she picked him and his siblings up she was told he was not doing well and may not survive. All the puppies were bottle babies and Takoya’s employer was gracious enough to let her bring the puppies to work. She knew the minute she picked Chance up that she was in love. He followed her around the house wherever she went and sat at her feet. Chance did get adopted but was returned the very same day. “Thank goodness, cause he was meant to be mine.”
The most challenging foster was Jax, who was people friendly but didn’t do well in a group of dogs. He had to be separated from the other dogs. Takoya says it was an interesting challenge to rotate them all in and out of the house.
Knowing she is helping a dog find a home is the most rewarding part of fostering for Takoya. So many dogs are returned to shelters and having them in a home versus shelter helps acclimate the dogs to a home setting. “What shelter dogs need most is love.” Takoya knows that when she brings a dog into her home that she will love it just like it’s her own, bringing them joy and comfort. “I think I make them smile and that makes me smile. Love mending broken hearts.”
If you are considering being a foster, Takoya has this inspiration. “The love you give doesn’t compare to the love you get in return. You get to help a pet in need find a home and in the process, you are uplifting the dog/puppy and teaching it to love, trust, and be open all over again.”
Aside from fostering, Takoya loves video games! She will challenge anyone to a Just Dance dance off! She also loves to travel and recently went to Dubai. If there is an aquarium, she is there!
Thank you, Takoya, for being a wonderful foster!
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