Forever Fosters

From day one, our focus at Marley's Mutts has been rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of death-row-dogs. 99.9% of our dogs are adopted and enjoy the American rescue dream. There are a select few, however, whom will remain with Marley's Mutts for the rest of their lives. They are our  FOREVER FOSTERS. The exist with us in permanence because of our 100% commitment to "no-kill" principles.
Dogs like Baloo and Maggie, who are unfit to adopt out for behavioral reasons, and therefore the safest place for them is with us. Hooch is perfectly behaved, but having no tongue is a serious medical disability with numerous associated issues. Adjusting to his care took months of problem-solving and requires near 24 hour vigilance, therefore his best interest is to be in our care. And then we have our hospice cases. Dogs like Koona, whose age or medical diagnosis (or both) has but them at the very end of their lives and whom usually require extensive and constant medical supervision. 
These dogs are all precious to us and have earned FOREVER FOSTER status for a valid reason. Were it not for Marley's Mutts and supporters like you, these dogs would have met their maker long ago. What these dogs have been through to get here is book worthy and my sincere hope is that we remember them too, honor them, and show them some love this Valentine's Day. 
 You may not be able to be a Foster Parent or be able to Adopt but still want to get involved and make a difference, then look no further than the links below to find out how you can contribute on a monthly or annual sponsorship plan!

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