Sex:  Female
Breed:  Pit Bull Terrier
Age:  7 Years
Welcome our sweet pibble Emma to Marley's Mutts!  Emma lived most of her life at a sanctuary in a kennel.  The owner of the sanctuary sadly passed away without a plan in place on what to do with all of the dogs living there.  Luckily Emma found her way to Marley's Mutts and is living the life in her foster home with four other pitties.  She loves soft fluffy dog beds and is working on slimming down as well.  Emma would love a home that will take her on daily walks to help her slim down and get some more muscle stamina built up. She's great with every dog she meets so far and might even be a friend to a cat too!  Emma is soft and happy go lucky!  If you are looking for a wonderful pitty girl who is just a wonderful dog, then apply to adopt her today!


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