Sex: Female
Breed: Lab/Pittie Mix
Age: 4 months

What can I say, I’m the cutest thing around !! It’s a good thing cuz I’m also full of energy, love to play, explore! I’m super smart and learn super fast! Just all around happy little girl full of affection and love! All I want to do is snuggle and my foster family has spilled me with couch and bed privileges so I really hope you are looking for a snuggle buddy!
Out of all the toys in the world plastic water bottles are my favorite next to dirty socks! I also love having a friend to play, chase, and wrestle with. I know sit, go to bed and come. Potty training is almost there! I will go to
The door and let you know, you just gotta catch me doing it. I’ve done really well so far walking with my foster siblings.
I will do pretty much anything for treats the sound of the treat bag will surely get my attention. All you gotta say is "who wants a treat?" and I’m there! I can be stubborn and test the waters a little but I will listen and do what you want with a little patience. Sure way to get me to calm down and go to bed is snuggles and belly rubs and music. I have already put in some long days at work and love everyone I get to meet. I'm a very lucky girl who gets to go every where with my current clan and I love car rides!
I love water for drinking and playing in. I’m also very likely to try lick your face off! There are a million snuggly kisses coming your way! If you are ready for the most amazing best friend for life I’m your girl!
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