Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer Mix
Age: 1.5 Years

Welcome Callie to the Marley’s Mutts family! Callie is a young boxer/pitty mix who is a very happy go lucky and affectionate pupper! Callie used to have a long tail but she had a case of happy tail and managed to hurt it one too many times. So her tail was amputated and she still has a case of wiggle butt. Either way she’s feeling good and ready for a new home! Callie can jump a fence if she’s feeling froggy so she shouldn’t be left alone in a backyard. She does great in the car and on a leash too. We think she would be good with kids older than 8 and needs to meet the other dogs in the home before she goes home with her new people. Callie is both lazy and energetic so between naps and hikes, she would be one happy pup! If you would like to adopt this cute girl, apply to adopt her today!

**Callie is also available to go on a trial adoption for a week to two weeks to make sure her new home is the best fit for her.**

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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Husky/ Shepherd Pitty Mix
Age:  3 Years
Welcome Puggy to the Marley’s Mutts family!  Puggy is a very happy go lucky dog, who’s calm and confident.  Puggy used to have a home but his family fell on hard times and could no longer keep him as they lost their place to live.  How could we say no to a face like his?  Puggy has some very paswsome qualities that someone is absolutely going to enjoy!  He loves toys and treats, he rides very well in the car, and he is both a couch potato and hiking buddy!   Not to mention he loves affection and hanging out with kids too. Puggy is one of the most well-behaved and respectful dogs when it comes to walks never pulls and can be walked by anybody of any size.  He’s not a fan of crates or kennels and can jump a fence pretty easily if he wanted too.  So he needs someone who gets him and wants to be with him all the time.  He also would be best in a home without small rodents and cats.  So if you have a cat free home and are interested in adopting this big lug, please fill out the application form below.
**Puggy can also go on a trial adoption for a one to two week period to make sure that his potential home is the best one for him**
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Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua
Age: 1 year

Welcome to Pawsitive Change Gregory Peck!

This 6.5lb little guy was rescued from Kern County Animal Services after he’d been picked up as a stray. He came into the shelter with a pelvic fracture but crate rest healed him right up. He had such a fun, spunky personality we knew he’d be the perfect fit for our Juvenile Pawsitive Change program. Gregory has graduated from the program and is now ready to find his perfect home.

Gregory is great with other dogs, but will chase cats. He loves humans and has a big personality in a small package. He’s crate trained and working on his house training skills.

Gregory is a happy typical chihuahua. He’d love a lap and a family to call his own so if you’re looking for a spunky tiny pup apply to make Gregory part of your family.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull X
Age: 1.5 years

Welcome to Pawsitive Change Chico!

Chico was one of the longest residents at Shafter shelter. He had been there since October 2019 and was such a great dog shelter staff continued to advocate for him. Thankfully one of our amazing fosters stepped up and we were able to pull him. While in foster care we’ve discovered Chico is a playful goof who loves other dogs, children and even likes kitties. He’s crate trained and working on his house training skills.

Chico has joined the group going into our Pawsitive Change program at CalCity prison. He
is learning a lot at prison and is scheduled to graduate in late May. If you are looking for a sweet, fun, active and kitty friendly pittie Chico is the pup for you! Apply to bring him home once he graduates.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull/Sharpei X
Age: 1 year

Welcome to Pawsitive Change Benny!

This hunky dude was surrendered to another rescue when his elderly owners could no longer care for him. Benny is great with other dogs. Loves all humans and has a bubbly goofy personality. He’s crate trained and working on his house training skills. He was just approved for our Pawsitive Change program at CalCity Prison. His upbeat, fun personality will help the shy dogs come out of their shells and the training he’ll receive will make him a better family member.

Benny is happy and fun and basically a big goof! He’d love an active family to call his own. He’s scheduled to graduate from the Pawsitive Change program in April so if you’re looking for a goofy dog ready to have all the fun apply to make Benny part of your family.

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Sex: Male
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 8-10 years old
Meet London! This adorable floof found himself at the city shelter completely matted. His owners never came for him so he joined the Marleys Mutts ranks. Unfortunately he was so matted we had to shave most of his glorious coat. So now London is sporting an adorable lions cut. This guy is a massive Pom at almost 20lbs. He’s currently recovering from kennel cough and will be available for adoption once he’s well and has a dental.
London does well with other dogs and respectful children. He is a bit bossy with food so will need to be fed separately from any other dogs in the home. He’s also a bit bossy if dogs get right in his face and stay there. He will tell them off lol. If other dogs are respectful of his space he coexists peacefully with them. London is crate trained and fine tuning his house training skills. He’s non-destructive and not a big barker.
If you’re looking for a big mellow pompom fur ball this guy is the perfect match! Apply to make London part of your family!
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Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull X
Age:  2 years
Welcome to Pawsitive Change Spud!
This hunky dude was found dumped on Comanche, one of several dumping grounds for unwanted dogs in Bakersfield. One of our amazing volunteers picked him up and was so smitten with his fabulous temperament she offered to foster him. While we will never know how or why Spud was left to fend for himself when found he had wounds consistent with bait dog injuries all over his body. He’s healing up beautifully and holds no ill will towards humans or other dogs as a result of his past treatment.
Spud is great with other dogs. Loves all humans  and has a bubbly goofy personality. He’s crate trained and working on his house training skills. He was just approved as a backup dog for our Pawsitive Change program at CalCity Prison. He’ll only go in the event we have to pull another dog out of the program. If you are looking for a sweet, fun and  active pittie Spud is the pup for you! Apply to bring him home.
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Big Bear

Sex:  Male
Breed:  Armenian Gampr
Age:  2 Yers
We are happy to introduce Bear who is a very lovable giant and has wound his way into the hearts of his foster parents. Bear is an approximately 3-year-old Anatolian Shepard/Armenian Gampr mix who found his way into a shelter in the Kern County area. He is approximately 130 pounds, but needs to put on some weight and likely will be closer to 140 pounds when filled out. Bear is currently living with 3 dogs and has experienced 2 other fosters while staying in his foster home. He gets along well with everyone and has been very social. He actually wants to play with the dogs, but due to his size the other dogs are intimidated and don’t reciprocate. He likes playing with the humans as well: he will butt tuck around the yard, chase a ball and just have a solid good time. He has been great with all the people who have come over to the house -though he needs to warm up on his own terms and time. Bear is neutered, up to date on all shots, has a microchip, has been dewormed and is flea/tick free. He had a vet visit and was found to be healthy. He did very well with the veterinarian and all the people he met on his outing that day. We also got an oil change and car wash during this outing and he did very well sitting in the lobbies meeting people or just being respectful and leaving people alone. It is very clear that he is not used to “urban” experiences, but handled everything with stride. We highly recommend that you read up on the Armenian Gampr to understand their personality traits -he is VERY true to form. Bear is suspicious of all strangers at first, but he is not aggressive. He is clearly not comfortable with some people, but is never a threat. During his five hour social outing, he did very well and people loved seeing him and learning about his breed – but he is definitely not a Lab with expressive tail wagging and you need to respect and accept the Gampr traits as they are not going to be trained out of him – they are part of his DNA. Bear is kennel trained and x-pen trained (sleeps there at night). He is actually a very good with all confinement. He is content to stay behind a 5 foot chain link fence even though he can stand up and look over it quite easily. He has not been a chewer or gotten into anything. He likes long walks and will need these daily. He likes to hang around with people while they are working around the house and is a great garage dog – he is not afraid of loud sounds like motorcycles. He does have guardian instints which are normal for his breed which means he will bark at noisy neighbors and does not care for “fence-fighting dogs.” Based on this, we recommend a home that has block walls or property that does not butt up to other neighbors. It is likely he will get used to some “noisy urban sounds,” but he is clearly better off being a bit more removed from a “city” life. Bear appears housebroken with no accidents in his foster home or on outings. He is great in the car – very calm. He is good on leash meeting dogs and people – he is respectful when passing other dogs and will obey your commands to ignore them. He has been great with our two cats – very easy going around them and they are comfortable with him. He has no food aggression with humans and lets you take bones and food away easily. He is a very large dog at 130 pounds (no fat) – sometimes he will swing a paw when he is excited and it can be a bit overwhelming – for that reason, we will not place Bear with kids under the age of 15, seniors that could be knocked down easily or novice dog owners. Bear is eating approximately 8 cups of food a day – a family would need to ensure they are giving him enough food as he is underweight at this point due to his former owners not feeding him enough. Bear was awesome for his bath, was great at letting his foster parent clip his nails with no restraint, cleaning his ears and overall being handled in every way. Bear has been a very special dog with his family who is highly facial expressive and very comical. Anyone considering adopting Bear needs to ensure they fully understand the Armenian Gampr breed and it fits appropriately into their lifestyle.


Sex:  Female
Breed: Lab Mix
Age:  10.5 Years
Welcome Mercedes to the Marley’s Mutts family!  Mercedes had lived her entire life at a ranch in a kennel along with 170 other dogs.  Needless to say this girl didn’t have much in the way of affection and attention or socialization until we took her into foster care.  She is learning so much at her foster mom’s ranch and has met other dogs, cats and rabbits.  She’s not a fan of any of them at this point and we think a home without cats or small furry creatures would be best for her.  Mercedes will tolerate other older dogs who give her space and doesn’t try to steal her kibbles at dinner time.  She is now opening up and starting to enjoy pets, cuddles and affection from her humans.  She is housebroken, walks great on a leash and also comes when called.  Mercedes is a very good older girl who just wants to soak in the sun on a nice soft bed in a quiet home for the rest of her life.  If you think your home is the perfect one for this ol’ gal, then please apply to adopt her today!


Otis will be available for adoption here soon once he is fixed and over a bad case of kennel cough. When he is ready, we will announce him on our Facebook account that she is ready to be adopted. Please keep an eye out for the application to appear here on our website.

If you have any questions about Otis, please email us at