Sex:  Male
Breed:  Cattle Dog, Beagle Mix
Age:  1-2 Years
Are you looking for dog that is smart and personable? Then look no farther, Bourbon is your dog! He is an approximately 35-pound, 1-2 year old, beagle/cattle dog mix. His personality is more on the cattle dog side – extremely smart and easy to train, but tough and ready for any job you give him.

Bourbon came from a shelter where he had been adopted and returned for being too energetic with the other dogs in the family. We can understand why… he is pretty energetic without exercise, but we have seen that he knows how to settle down when directed to. Bourbon is extremely social with all dogs he meets. He has fostered successfully with dogs that ranged in size from 35 pounds to 80 pounds. He is fine being with little dogs, as evidenced by my mom’s 13-pound dorkie that stayed with us, but he can get excitable – so you have to ensure he is not too overwhelming for little dogs. He would be best living with dogs his own size or larger on the full-time basis.

He is also living with two cats. Again, he is fine, but occasionally needs correction for bugging them, especially the young one who is overly friendly. He is not aggressive with the cat, but he has tried to chase a couple of times – so he will push the envelope when unmonitored. He also lives with two mini-donkeys – he is friendly and interested, excited when they run around, but corrects easily.

Bourbon has been great around dirt bikes and all loud noises while we work in the garage – he has no issues with fireworks or anything else that often freaks out other dogs. We think he would do great with camping and other outdoor activities.

He is mischievous at times, stealing a sock or two. He does not run from you when you go to retrieve your item which is great. Bourbon is very friendly with strangers and loves to be pet. He attends softball games and sits quietly in the dugout when we are out on the field and then he is welcoming when we all come back. He is ok off-leash, but he will need work. He is doing great on our hikes, dragging a long line for recall training.

Bourbon has not had any accidents in the house and appears housebroken, but we still monitor him closely. He is crate and kennel trained – no barking, etc. He has no separation anxiety – very good when left alone. He is great on car rides. He is not an escape artist – he will stay nicely behind a 5-foot chain link fence. He walks well on a leash and is responsive to correction. He is not leash aggressive when meeting other dogs.

Bourbon needs an experienced dog owner and one that understands the herding breed. Cattle dogs need assertive leaders and hence he would be best with older kids (teens).

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