I am Legend.....
I am a senior. I am a Rottweiler. I am a lover. I am looking for a family to love.

I was with a family for a long time, as long as I can remember. As I got older, I began to have problems jumping, then running, then walking. One day, my family took me to the homeless dog shelter and said goodbye. It was very confusing for me.
The shelter staff were great and said they “loved Rotties” which is really neat because I’m used to people being scared of the way I look. I couldn’t believe how many dogs kept being dropped off there and coming in the back of these big trucks. They told me I needed to be adopted or rescued and if that didn’t happen in a weeks time, there was a chance I could go to sleep forever. Because of my medical issues, I was deemed rescue only, which meant I couldn’t be adopted, I could only go to a rescue. On the last hour, of the last day, a few people from this Marley’s Mutts team came to the shelter and asked if I would like to go with them. I told them I wasn’t a mutt and they explained their founding dog was part Rottweiler and that they rescued all creeds and breeds and dogs! I was sold and hopped in a very smelly truck, headed for a place called Doggy Haven (it’s on Haven Lane😉). When I first got there, I was in bad shape. I had acute osteoarthritis and was very thin.

I love everyday at the ranch! I hang with Dylan most of the time and Billy has me on a special diet which is doing wonders! I feel like I’ve reversed aged at least 3 years! On top of all that, my new looks and confidence have earned my a hot-mama girlfriend named Lady, a smokin hot Doberman pincher, with a body and a mind! We hang out in the enrichment yard most of the day, working on our tans and spooning. I live being at the ranch and I thank my lucky stars every day, but it’s still not home.
I’m not sure what my home will look like, or if anyone will take yet another chance on me, but if you do, I promise to treat you like you want to be treated and love you like you’ve never been loved before.
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Sex: Female
Breed: Dalmatian/Pointer X
Age: 3.5 years

Welcome to Pawsitive Change Yue!

Momma Yue was brought into Kern County Animal services as a very pregnant stray. This amazing momma gave birth to 11 babies while in the shelter. The shelter is no place for brand new babies and their moms so we pulled the entire litter and momma when the puppies were 2 days old. Yue was such an amazing mom all of her puppies thrived.

Yue is a shy but sweet girl and we knew the training and structure provided in our Pawsitive Change program would help boost her confidence and help her come out of her shell so we added her to the group going into North Kern prison.

Yue is good with other dogs. She enjoys  children who are kind and respectful. Rambunctious active children may scare her. She’s  crate trained and working on her house training skills.
Yue is learning a lot at prison and is scheduled to graduate in February. If you are looking for a sweet, shy, beautiful  girl apply to make Yue part of your family.
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Sex: Male
Breed: Labrador/Chihuahua X
Age: 1 year

Welcome to the Pawsitive Change program Lucky!
Lucky is one of the happiest dogs on the planet! He loves to meet people, go places and just spend time exploring. He is energetic and loves to play with his foster brothers who are several pounds larger than his 28 pound frame. That is no concern for him! He will take two on at once - ever optimistic he is about life.

Lucky had a rough start as he was dropped off at the shelter with a broken leg. It was decided after several consults that he could keep his leg since surgery was not an option by the time Marley's Mutts was able to take the little guy into rescue. He never lets his leg slow him down - he is up for any kind of exercise and play.

Lucky is crate trained, is not an escape artist, has no separation anxiety, rides well in the car and is social with everyone. With lots of observation and positive reinforcement he was house trained in his foster home. He walks pretty well on leash and knows all his basic commands. He would be best in a home with another playful young dog who will run out some of his energy. Due to his age, he is still very puppy at times and would do best in an active home. Lucky has been living with two cats. It took some time to get him used to cats, but now he is off leash and comfortable with both of them. He was actually quite terrified when he first saw them.

Lucky will graduate from the prison program in February. He’d love to have and active family to go home to. If you’re looking for a compact hiking and exercise buddy apply to make Lucky part of your family.

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