Sex:  Male
Breed:  Cattle Dog Mix
Age: 2-3 Years
I’m Doug the dog. Sadly I’m no longer able to live with my best friend because he’s not able to care for me anymore. He’s completely heartbroken over it but relieved that I ended up at Marley’s Mutts because they promised him they’d find the best home for me. I’m scared being here but I know with time I’ll be more comfortable with all the new changes happening in my life. I’m a bit weary of people right now because I’m not sure who to trust but when you spend some time walking me and showing me your safe then I’ll stick to you like glue. I come with free training to help me transition into my new home and so you can show me how to gain confidence. The amazing staff at the ranch is helping me right now and each day I learn to trust a little more. I’m a really sweet boy I’ve just had a rough start at life. Please consider helping me and welcoming me into your home. I’ll forever be grateful to you.
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