Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  2 Years
Welcome Scooter to the Marleys family!  Scooter was on his last hour at the shelter when we came and found this pup wrapped all in bandages unable to walk.  Scooter it seems was shot a couple of times in the spine and rendered him paralyzed.  He also had numerous sores from dragging himself that need to be healed up.  Scooter got lucky that we had a donated wheelchair that fit him perfectly!  Once he was strapped in and ready to go he took off and was the happiest pup ever because he had mobility again!  He has taken to walking in his wheelchair like a duck to water and its like hes always been in it.  Scooter is a very happy go lucky dog!  He likes other dogs and gets along with everyone hes met.  He is a really wonderful pup!  Were looking for someone who doesn't mind that this guy is special needs and requires a little bit of extra help each day.  Someone who will take him on car rides and explore the world with him.  He is one eager pup who just wants to go and see everything he can.  If you would like to meet Scooter and possibly adopt him, fill out an application for him today!
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