Sex: Male
Breed: Chihuahua cross
Age: 4 years

Meet Ricardo! Ricardo is a confident little guy who was rescued from a Los Angeles County shelter. He loves to play and does well with other confident dogs.

Ricardo would do well in a home with other playful dogs or children. He can totally keep up with an active family and would love nothing more than to tag along on your adventures. He has a tendency to be dominant with submissive dogs so a home with a confident pack leader would be ideal. He is very responsive to correction. He is both crate and house trained.
Ricardo is currently enrolled in our Pawsitive Change Prison Program and is learning a lot!  He will be graduating with his Canine Good Citizen certificate.  Apply to bring Ricardo home to your family.
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Naked Nicky

Welcome Naked Nicky to the Pawsitive Change Program!

Who needs fur when you’re this adorable! Naked Nicky has a condition called alopecia. Some colors of chihuahuas are prone to hair loss and Nicky falls into this category. But don’t let his lack of fur get you down. This little guy is the happiest little lap warmer ever.  He has no idea he’s naked and the condition isn’t complicated to care for. Just think of all the cute sweaters you can buy.

Nicky is kennel trained and house trained. He loves laps and blankets and pretty much anything soft, warm and fuzzy. If you’re looking for a lap baby he’s the perfect dog for the job. He gets along with other dogs but would be just as happy as a solo pup.
Nicky is learning a lot at prison and will graduate with his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He’s a sweet and gentle boy just waiting to find the perfect family of his very own. Apply to bring Nicky home to your family.
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Sex:  Male

Breed:  Shepard Mix
Age:  1.5 Years

Baker is believed to be a little over a year old and looks to be a White Husky Shepherd Mix. Baker recently completed the Pawsitive Change Prison program and unfortunately the adopter that was lined up for him had some things come up so Baker is back up for adoption.

This boy is super sweet once he warms up to you. He loves women and kids but is unsure of men at first. He will need a patient family that can work with him on being comfortable and trusting. Once Baker warms up to you he loves to give hugs and kisses. Baker also loves to play and romp around like a puppy. He is also crate trained and potty trained. If you think Baker would be a good match for your family then please fill out his application.

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Sex:  Male
Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  9 Years
Welcome Max to the Pawsitive Change Prison Program!  Max was an owner surrender at the South Los Angeles shelter as a senior dog.  Pretty upsetting for an older guy to be dumped without knowing what was going on after a life of being someone's friend.  Since he is a senior Chihuahua not trusting a soul after that, we knew he would be perfect for our prison program as it was probably the only change he had at survival.  Max has thrived while inside the program for the better and has started trusting humans again.  We think Max would do best in a nice quiet calm home to spend his remaining days out.  Max is a very obedient little guy who would love nothing more than finding someone who he can snuggle up with and be a lab hound.  If you would like to give this wonderful senior guy his forever home, please apply to adopt him today!
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