Sex:  Male
Breed:  Golden Retriever
Age:  16  Weeks
Jalapeño is a spicy four month old Golden Retriever puppy that came to Marleys Mutts with a congenital disease called Megaespohagus.  His former owners were heartbroken that they weren't able to give him what he needed in order to survive.  Luckily we have a wonderful foster who is skilled in caring for pups like him and was able to get his condition quickly under control!  Now this spicy puppers is thriving with with the condition and growing like a weed everyday.  In order to eat and get the food all the way into his belly, Jalapeno uses a special Bailey chair that gravity is harnessed to help push food down to his stomach.   So he has learned to sit eating upright and wait 20 min for the food to make it all the way to the right spot.  His Bailey chair will come with him and is adjustable as he grows when he is adopted.  Jalapeño is the epitome of a happy go lucky pup with the exception of his feeding routine. He gets along with his foster mom's pack of big and small dogs as well as a cat.  This little guy is looking for the right home who can give him the right care and love he needs to be a happy healthy dog.  Is that family you?  If so, apply to adopt him today!
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