Sex:  Male

Breed:  Jack Russel Mix

Age:  4 Years

Although Rudy’s picture is not next to the word “chill” in the dictionary, it should be.

“Chill” is the word that best describes Rudy, a [age, breed, weight]. (“Baked” was also suggested but ultimately rejected because he doesn’t eat enough!)  Rudy came to us after his owner lost her place to live and was faced with no home for him and several other dogs. Despite this misfortune, Rudy has “maintained an even strain.”  He is slow warming up to new people but once he realizes he’s safe he won’t let you out of his sight!  Once he’s comfortable with you, you’ll find him in one of two places:  following two feet behind you or curled up in the same room as you, preferably with his head in your lap.  He’s not a fan of yelling or loud noises so he probably wouldn’t do well with small children.

We think Rudy’s ideal home is on the quiet side with lots of lap and couch time. He walks on leash, is housebroken, rides well in the car, doesn’t mind cats, and sleeps in a crate through the night without complaint.  He is fine with other dogs as long as they don’t mess with his toy de jure - he loves toys of all kinds. He is very smart and would be a great companion for someone who wants a low energy dog to love on and be loved by. Please apply today if you think you would be a wonderful match for our sweet Rudy!

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