Blue Merle Great Dane

12 weeks old

Frankie is a 12-week-old Blue Merle Great Dane that was born on April 9th that came to us all the way from Texas. Frankie was the runt of his litter and began to show signs of struggle at just 4 weeks old. The breeder took him to the local vet to see what was going on and he was diagnosed with Megaesophagus. At just 4 weeks old the breeder made the decision to euthanize. The vet knew that Megaesophagus is very manageable and common, so she took things into her own hands and treated him at the vet then began to take Frankie home with her to care for him. Frankie began to gain strength and improve. The vet and vet tech reached out to us to help and drove him to Bakersfield all the way from Texas.

Once Frankie arrived in Bakersfield we reached out to our friends from Bailey chair and they donated an adjustable chair that will grow and adjust with Frankie as he grows. Other than the way he has to eat and his fancy eating contraption, Frankie now seems to be your typical happy go lucky puppy. He loves to play and romp around with his big and little foster siblings and he is growing like a weed. He also absolutely loves to play with kids and toys.

Frankie recently had his second set of X-rays with barium and it was determined that his Megaesophagus has significantly improved. X-Rays will need to be completed again in 6 months and his condition will need to be monitored but there is a chance that his megaesophagus will continue to improve or he could possibly be a candidate for surgery down the road.

For now, Frankie eats a blended mush of high quality dry giant breed dog food, wet dog food, pumpkin, and water about 3 times a day. He does great eating this food and is thriving but has had difficulty with regurgitating when he has accidently tried his foster sibling’s dry food. He is also on two medications that he takes twice a day and that may need to continue long term.

Frankie doesn’t let his condition hold him back and actually has done quite to opposite. Frankie loves his chair and let’s us know when he is hungry by jumping up on it on his own. He goes in and sits by himself and gets ready for his meals. Frankie is also crate trained and doing well with potty training.

If you would like to apply to adopt Frankie please fill out the adoption application below. Please also make sure to research Megaesophagus before applying because his adopter will need to be familiar with the condition and willing to provide the best care for Frankie.

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