Sex:  Male
Breed:  Beagle
Age:  10 Years
Alan is a 21 lb, approximately 10 year old beagle. He is a very lovely little guy who wants nothing more than gentle pets and scratches and to be loved on. He likes to hang out with you on the couch while you watch TV and cuddle with you in bed but he’s also happy to have a nice little bed to sleep on. He prefers a soft bed with bolsters. Alan is very good with dogs and children. He is house trained and can be left at home during the day but he needs to be in the company of other dogs. He does have the occasional accident in the house so it would be best if he has access to a dog door if no one’s at home for an extended period of time. Alan cannot be left by himself or he will get very upset and start tearing up whatever he can get his teeth on. He will also relieve himself and make a mess if he gets very upset.
Alan will bark when he’s happy to see you. And, because he’s a beagle, it’s a very very loud bark. He will also bark at strangers he sees outside the house. Alan loves going on walks. When on walks, he does pretty well. He will pull a little but does take correction and will slow down if he notices that the pack is not moving very quickly. He will sometimes act up and bark if he sees another dog on his walk but because of his size, again, it does not take a lot of effort to get him back under control.

Alan is very smart and takes direction very well. If you want him to move out of the way or come to you, simply calling him and pointing will work. He does not like being picked up or forced to move. He will get very upset. Alan needs to be with someone who has the patience to deal with his little personality quirks and who understands that he is a beagle and he will be very loud when he’s excited. Overall, Alan is a very sweet guy who just wants to be gently loved on.   Apply today to adopt this wonderful senior dog!

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