Brown Baron

Sex: Male
Breed: Beagle Mix
Age: 14 Weeks

TO: General M. Mutts

FROM: Sgt. Stubby

RE: Intelligence reports on the Brown Baron

New intelligence on the infamous Brown Baron has been received. Following his dogfight with Capt. Snoopy, Baron was seen in the same POW camp [aka hoarding] in which Capt. Snoopy was found. Baron was apparently testing security measures there as, despite his plump exterior, he can scale thirty-six inch high pens. Baron’s flying style can be described as fearless, even playful. He is just as likely to dive into a furball involving larger, older pilots as he is to pounce from above on solitary aviators his own size. Baron can be recognized when traveling by the trophies (aka toys) he often carries with him and by his frequent stops for meals. Those responsible for Baron’s well-being have been observed to use food and belly rubs to motivate and calm him respectively. But, DON’T be fooled! Baron is highly intelligent and capable of accepting training and learning new skills. He has also shown a solid interest in chew toys.

Reports from inside German High Command suggest they are looking to transfer Baron to a new squadron. These developments should be closely watched, as any new squadron that includes the Brown Baron is almost certainly going to be successful.

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