Sex: Male
Breed: Pitbull cross
Age: 6 months old
Welcome River to the Pawsitive Change Program!
Porthos from the Three Musketeers is here! Porthos now renamed River by the guys at North Kern Prison came from a litter at KCAS. His mother was unable to care for him while at the shelter, so he was pulled with his 3 brothers and has been in foster care since he was rescued at 5 weeks old. He is super playful, and a big mommy's boy. He does well coming to you on command and has been very easy to train so far.
At 6 months old, this lovable pup will make the perfect pet for anyone wanting to expand their fur baby family. He plays well with adults, children, and other dogs.
River is learning a lot at prison and will graduate with his Canine Good Citizen certificate. He’s a sweet and happy boy just waiting to find the perfect family of his very own. Apply to bring River home to your family.
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