3 years Old
Chihuahua Mix

Raul is a peppy, happy-go-lucky chihuahua mix that is about 3 years old who came to us from a shelter in Upland. He has all the love and affection of a small dog, but none of the barking or anxiety. Raul is very curious and confident and is willing to try new things. He seems to match the energy of other people and animals in his environment, but is most happy when he is physically touching his humans or other dogs or has his people in sight.

Raul sleeps in a crate at night and when he is left at home alone. He is quiet as a mouse, with zero barking or whimpering. He has the funniest sleeping habit of lying belly up and twitching his feet in the air while he dreams —but first he does the cutest nest scratching, bundling up his blankets or bed before lying down.
This little guy is still learning boundaries with getting on furniture and his human's lap but has already shown to be a quick study, as he is beginning to pick up that he is only allowed in those spots when invited, not whenever he wants.
Walking on a leash is easy for Raul, he actually puts his head into the leash all by himself, while wagging his tail! With his human as pack leader Raul only occasionally pulls on the leash and is content to trot alongside your feet or next to other dogs while out for a walk.
If you're looking for a little love bug, who is easy to care for and wants to cuddle ,Raul is your guy!
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