My name is Will. I came to Marley’s Mutts after my owner passed away. I coughed a lot & sounded like I was going to throw up all the time. Turns out I had an upper respiratory infection and I needed a serious grooming.

You see, my name came from a wonderful company named Pet Will, it’s a lifetime will that owners can set up for their pets so if anything were to happen to my owner, the people that I ended up with would know if I was on medication or if my owner had a particular person they wanted to have me. Had my owner set up a pet will for me, I wouldn’t have ended up at a shelter and they would have known if I was sick. Luckily Zach saved me and I have alot more life to live!

I am about 12 years old and a very young, spunky, full of life spirit. I enjoy sleeping a lot, going on an occasional walk to explore life and all other dogs! I even have become snuggle buddies with a pig. I am a very funny boy who barks at humans when they eat to see if they will let me help them finish their food. I have personality for days and many more great years ahead of me.

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