Sex:  Male

Breed:  Shih Tzu, Terrier Mix
Age:  11 Weeks

Welcome this little button of a puppy, Dewy to the Marleys Mutts Foster program!  Dewy is one of 15 puppies that were surrendered to a local shelter as their owner was unable to care for so many.

Dewy loves to play and is always on the go, investigating anything he can. He loves to play outside and with his other cute fluffy siblings. He is learning to go outside to potty, but hasn’t quite got the full hang of it. He knows how to use a dog door. He’s also learning to use potty pads inside as well.  Dewy being a puppy will still need help after he is adopted to get the hang of this potty training stuff.  Hes great with other dogs of his size and also great with every kid hes met so far in life.  If you would like to give this cute fluffy boy his furever home, apply to adopt him today!
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