Sex:  Male

Breed:  Staffordshire Terrier Mix

Age:  2 Years

Welcome this big hunk of burnin' love we call Biggie to the Marleys Mutts Foster family!  Biggie came to us after a really rough start.  He was found by another local rescue at Kern County Animal Services in really rough shape!  He was emaciated and has a really bad case of Demodex mange.  Its taken him a long while to add on the weight he needed to be healthy, and to clear up the Demodex.  He is now ready for his furever home!  Biggie is a a dog with a small body and a very large head which is how he got his name!  He is a sweet big lug who loves to play with toys, get loved on and is generally a really good boy.  Biggie has a very goofy fun demeanor and a really cute gait to how he walks!   He does need help with boundaries because he can be overwhelming to other dogs in trying to play and rough house with them.  So he needs someone who can be a strong pack leader and show him how to stay clam when all he wants to do is play.  He would be best in a home with older kids and another large breed dog he can play with, or a home without other dogs.  Biggie would not be a good fit in a home with cats as he might be too rough with them.  If you are looking for a a cool dog with a very large noggin and nothing but love to give, please apply to adopt him today!

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