Sex:  Female
Breed:  Pit Mix
Age:  9 Months
Miss Maple came to Marley's Mutts Rescue after being found critically wounded underneath a freeway underpass in Mojave, CA. Maple was taken in by Kern County Animal Services malnourished, marked with paint or other type of permanent coloring, and suffering from severe flesh wounds from her armpits to the top of her head.

Thanks to the Mutt Militia and Team Maple, Miss Maple is well on her way to a complete recovery and is beginning to look towards her future as a companion animal to her forever family. With that being said, Marley's Mutts presents Maple for your adoption consideration.

Maple is an approximately 9 month old, female pit bull pup. As her physical wounds heal, Maple is discovering the great, big world around her with eyes wide open. Being a puppy, Maple is still fine tuning her manners and her house training skills. She is crate trained, friendly to all humans (including children) and other dogs, and working on walking on a leash.

Maple exudes innocence, wonder and an eagerness to learn about the world around her. She loves the company of other dogs so much that the ideal adoptive family for Maple would include at least one other playful pup for her to romp around with and learn from. Her exuberant, youthful excitement can be overpowering for older dogs and reactive pups. Maple has not yet been exposed to cats but she has the potential to be cat safe with the proper supervision. Again, she is a puppy. An increasingly healthy puppy. Guidance will be necessary.

Maple has become a frisky, spirited, resilient little girl, ready to be the treasured member of her forever family. Her potential is as endless as her future is bright. Being young and carrying little negative emotional or behavioral effects of the physical and/or emotional trauma she has endured in her short life, Maple is capable of great things. Already, she has overcome and proven capable of living a life beyond our hopes, dreams, and expectations.

"We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams." Willy Wonka

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