Sex:  Female
Breed:  Border Collie Mix
Age:  3 Years
Lizzie Lou of was rescued from a local shelter along with her five puppies. She was labeled aggressive for trying protecting her sick babies in a scary loud place. The shelter staff was able to retrieve the puppies so that we could get them into another foster home and get them healthy. Lizzie had mastitis which meant she couldn't be reunited with her pups and took a while to clear up the painful infection. After getting out of the scary shelter environment and a round of antibiotics Lizzy's personality is shining through!  She has the sweetest, most delicate personality, that has integrated seamlessly into her foster moms pack. Lizzie isn't very confident but thankfully she is very curious. Lizzie has requested a semi active home that will be patient while she learns the ways of a loving home.  Someone who is willing to be patient with her at first and introduce her to new things in the outside world and show her that its not a big scary place.  Lizzie will only continue to thrive and grow with the right people showing her the way in life.  If you would like to adopt Lizzie, please apply to adopt her today!
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