Sex:  Female
Breed:  Husky Shepard Mix
Age:  11 Weeks
Welcome sweet loving Evie to the Mutt family!  Evie and hiersiblings were dumped at a local shelter without their mom and were in desperate need of foster care.  Luckily we have some awesome fosters out there who came to the rescue to take her and her siblings in and let them thrive! Evie is a big fuzzy white puppy. She likes cuddling and wandering around the garden and wrestling with other puppies. She's more tolerant of cold weather than her siblings. She's very food-motivated and picks up tricks quickly. She is crate-trained and potty-trained as long as we take her outside after meals and naps. If she is in her crate she lets us know, loudly, when she needs to potty. In the evening at bedtime, she needs to go potty twice, 10 mins apart. This is very consistent!  She enjoys playing 'fetch' and will sit on request. She has only been leash-training for one day, but she seems to like it. If we take another puppy out of the pen to cuddle or train she will let us know that she wants to cuddle, too, right away. Excellent communication skills. She is still teething and needs to play with chew toys frequently.  If you would love to give Evie her forever home, apply to adopt her today!
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