Sex:  Male

Breed:  Shih-tzu

Age:  10 Years

Welcome Beau to the Mutt family!  He came into Marleys Mutts with his BFF Jingles last summer when Zach rescued them after they had been in the shelter for over a month.  He was extremely matted all over his body,  he also had multiple tooth abscesses and a bad case of kennel cough. After being in foster care it was discovered that he has a bad case of dry eye which causes leakage from his eye onto his face fur.  It was so bad when he came into our care that he had a severe infection on his face from the constant eye leakage.  Beau also had multiple teeth extracted and spent a couple of months on antibiotics before he was feeling much better.  Both Beau and Jingles were adopted out but sadly had to be returned after two months with their adopter.   Beau has slimmed down from 20lbs to his current weight at 16lbs and could stand to lose another 6 to get him down to a normal size for his breed.  Beau is a big ol lovey lap hound and loves to be the center of his persons universe.  While he loves Jingles he is perfectly content when by himself being spoiled.  We would love nothing more than to keep both Beau and Jingles together for the rest of their lives.  He loves to take naps, get treats, go for walks and get more treats.  He will need constant grooming on his face and will need eye medication to help with his dry eye issues.  Daily brushing and cleaning of his face helps with keeping infection at bay and clean and dry.  He is a senior guy just waiting for the right home to spoil him.  If you would like to adopt Jingles and her best friend Beau please fill out an adoption application today!

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Sex:  Female

Breed:  Terrier, Chihuahua, Italian Grey Hound Mix
Age:  3 Years

Welcome Emily to the Marleys Mutts family!  She was rescued our of Kern County Animal Services after all of her siblings were adopted out right away.  She was shy scared and very reserved with people.  After spending some time with her foster family she has turned into a little love bug! She takes time to feel comfortable with new people and new places, but once she trusts you she really opens up and loves to be right by your side. As a result, she will enjoy a family where someone is home much of the time, and can work with her on being calm when alone. She will do best with another (or a few) small confident dogs that can help teach her to relax and have fun. Emily is already potty trained and is learning how to walk on a leash and how to enjoy new experiences.  She has been around small kids of varying ages but she gets nervous when they run around and play.  So a home with older kids or no kids would be the best fit for her.  If you think this shy long legged gal is the right fit for your family, please apply to adopt her today!

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Noel Makes It To TOADY!

Full Article Here:

Dog has front legs amputated, and still loves life: ‘She is thriving’

by Arin Greenwood / 

Noel loves the same things as any other dog: napping on the couch, romping with other dogs and jumping into bed to spoon with her favorite humans.

What makes Noel different is that she has no front legs — not that she seems to notice much.

Dogs are capable of so much more than we give them credit for,” Zach Skow, founder of the nonprofit dog rescue group Marley’s Mutts, told TODAY. “Just like people.”

In late November, Noel was brought to a California animal shelter by someone who’d found the badly injured young dog, who appeared to have been hit by a car.

“She was brought to us by a good Samaritan — injured with two broken front legs,” said Nicholas Cullen, director of Kern County Animal Services in Bakersfield.

The shelter’s veterinarians tried splinting Noel’s legs at first. “But upon a recheck one of the breaks had become infected and needed amputation,” Cullen said.

 A good Samaritan found Noel after she’d likely been hit by a car, and brought her to Kern County Animal Services. Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Not long ago, animals coming into this shelter didn’t stand much of a chance of making it out alive. Pets needing significant medical care would have faced even tougher odds.

Cullen said things have changed a lot over the last half-decade, when the shelter went from euthanizing approximately 70 percent of its animals to saving 70 percent of them.

 “There are consistently so many wonderful stories of compassion and lifesaving efforts that are made in shelters across this nation that go untold,” said Nicholas Cullen, director of Kern County Animal Services. “And if more people knew what lengths people like my staff go through each and every day to save just one animal’s life, it might encourage them to get their animals spayed or neutered, or decide to volunteer at a shelter, or donate to a shelter.” Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

“We have since instituted a completely different organizational mindset,” Cullen said, “of making a significant effort to save each and every animal that comes to us.”

Still, while shelter staff did their best for Noel — one of the supervisors even took the pup to stay at her home for a time — a private rescue group would have more resources to devote to the hurt little dog.

Marley’s Mutts stepped in to help about a month ago.

 Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, with Noel Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Two days after Skow brought Noel into Marley’s Mutts, he was faced with a tough decision. Despite initial hopes that Noel’s other front leg could be saved, her veterinarians now advised that either she needed another amputation or would have to be euthanized.

Even though Skow had reservations about leaving a dog with only two legs, Noel seemed to want to live.

 Zach Skow was thrilled with how quickly Noel adapted after her amputations.Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

It quickly became clear that amputation had been the right decision, Skow said.

“Noel has amazed me with her approach towards life. She is moving right along — no pity, no hesitation, no regrets. She has a disability but it’s not going to prevent her from being happy. We can all take a page from her little book,” Skow wrote on Instagram.

“She hasn’t just adapted. She is thriving,” Skow told TODAY.

Noel is healthy and well now. Walking on her two hind legs isn’t the most comfortable way to get around, though, so she’s got a custom wheelchair on the way. She’s also had an adoption application put in by one of Skow’s neighbors — if he can bear to give her up, they’ll have “joint custody,” he explained.

Skow has some big plans for the spunky little dog. He’d like her to be trained to work with Marley’s Mutts’ therapy dog program. He thinks she’ll inspire people in a big way, by helping them see that “I am capable of adjusting to any obstacle,” Skow said. “The therapeutic effect she has on people is immediate.”

 Noel was spoiled rotten with presents and love at Christmas. Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue

Skow knows this because he’s been through some tough times himself. He is a former alcoholic and drug addict who credits dogs with having helped save his life a decade ago. He finds comfort and inspiration in Noel now, too, and he knows others will feel the same.

“She is a constant reminder to me,” he said. “I’m missing my front legs and I am making this work.”


Sex:  Female

Breed:  Pit Mix
Age:  2.5 Years

Keira is a 2 ½ year old little spitfire.  She came to us with a blunt force injury to her head that no animal should have ever endured let alone survived.  Despite her neglectful and abusive start in life Keira has fought her way to try and become the well-rounded sweet soul that she was meant to be. She healed from her physical wounds rather quickly but continued to struggle with her emotional wounds.  Over the past few months with the help of staff and volunteers she has made great progress.  She can be very strong willed but has learned what boundaries are and works very hard to stay within them.  She will need a strong family to help her continue on her journey.  Keira loves all people and would like to have a canine companion but she can be choosy as to who that may be.  Despite all her training she is still not fond of kitty friends.  If your New Year’s Resolution is to have more joy in your life then Keira is the one for you!


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