Hello, Captain!

Captain was saved from the shelter just in the nick of one after spending A YEAR in the shelter! Thank goodness the shelter staff never gave up hope! He’s an incredibly loving dog, who does well with others, especially if they are of his energy level. He is high energy, despite being 10 years old, and likes to be fulfilled by playing ball and running. He’s a big ole boy at 80 lbs but can easily move in and out of a vehicle. He behaves more like a 3-4 year old. He’s is your typical American shelter mutt, meaning he is mixed with just about everything, but aren’t we all Mutts? Captain is the kind of dog who won’t go a day without thanking you for saving his life! Be a part of this holiday miracle and apply to adopt captain today!

Hooch in the Media

The holidays are all about helping others, and no one embodies that spirit more than Hooch. Rescued in 2013 by Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts Rescue, the 6-year-old French Mastiff was found with cropped ears, a broken tail, and no tongue—he was underweight and severely malnourished. Since his miraculous recovery, he has dedicated his life to helping humans by working with special needs children—and showing everyone who meets him an incredible capacity for forgiveness. We chatted with Zach about Hooch’s past and what he thinks humans can learn from his story.


Sex:  Female

Breed:  Pit Mix

Age:  2 Years

Rachel came to be a Marleys Mutts dog after she was found with six of her puppies at Kern County Animal Services.  She had clearly been used to breed multiple litters of puppies and just left in a back yard for all of her young life.  After her puppies were old enough to be adopted, Rachel moved into a foster home and then moved up to our Rescue Ranch.  She is a sweet loving girl who just needed to learn the basics of being a dog, and a companion as she had no idea on how to be either of them.  She has come a long way since we found her dumped in the shelter!  Rachel has a bit of a prey drive and is not a fan of cats or other small dogs, so she would not do well living in a home with either.  She is looking for a home as an only dog, or with another confident big dog to keep her company and be her best buddy.  We think she will do best in a home that is willing to continue to invest in working on training with her so she can be successful and happy in life.  If you are a fan of the bully breeds with that are just rough around the edges please apply to adopt Rachel today!

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Sex: Male
Breed: Pit Mix
Age: 2 Years

This beautiful sweet boy is Hunter and he is just shy of 2 years old. Hunter was born early Easter morning in 2016 in the shelter along with his siblings to mama Mia. Mia had come into the shelter pregnant and we rescued her and her pups the day after delivery. Mia and all of Hunter’s siblings have all been adopted and are flourishing in their amazing homes but unfortunately Hunter’s life hasn’t had the best start. Hunter was recently returned to Marley’s Mutts after he escaped his yard on 4th of July and was hit by a car. In that accident Hunter broke his front right leg and back right leg and his adopters were unable to provide the necessary care and costs.

Hunter has now recovered from his surgery and is back to being a young and happy pup. The surgeon does not think Hunter will have any lasting issues from his injuries and he should continue to flourish. Hunter loves to be with his people and he also loves to play with other dogs. He is completely house-trained and loves sleeping in his crate or hanging out in it during the day. The perfect family for Hunter would have another dog, maybe some kids for him to play with, and would be home a lot and willing to give Hunter the love and attention that he so deserves. Hunter also loves to cuddle. He does well in his crate at night or during the day, but he is not a fan of being left in the backyard by himself.

Hunter does well in the house and walking on a leash. He is still a young dog though, so we are still fine tuning some of his manners. Hunter is very eager to learn and is waiting for the perfect family. Hunter has the sweetest personality and his sad puppy dog eyes will make you melt. If you think Hunter would be a great addition to your family, please fill out the application.

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