Sex:  Male

Breed:  Chihuahua Mix
Age:  2-3 Years


When Derek, a young 2-3yo male chi, landed at the shelter, he was destined to be a statistic. He is black: strike one (black dogs 50% less likely to be adopted). He is a chihuahua--strike 2: 50% less likely to be adopted in Southern California. He was scared to death of people and not suitable for conventional adoption: strike 3, right? Wrong!

So, what to do with him? The perfect solution presented itself from what for some could be the most unlikely source: PRISON!  Our Pawsitive Change inmate trainers understand scared. Some of them know what it is to be black! And many of them fee like they've been sent to the pound. In all seriousness, California City Prison was just the place for Derek. He came to prison and needed space to adjust. He couldn't take the pressure and needed time to adjust to all that had happened to him. He got his space and he got his instruction. The men were able to give him structure and trust, which made for for training and love. Progress towards becoming an adoptable dog. Today, Derek is a different dog. Men, whom used to terrify him, are some of his best friends. He is most comfortable in a group with other dogs. He enjoys being Part of the pack but also enjoys his one on one time with his trainers; his pals. He is now capable of giving and receiving love, something which our inmates are learning and teaching to the dogs. I'm exceedingly proud of Derek and, of course his trainer, Charlie. Derek used to be terrified of all men but today he loves and is loved by men of all shapes, ages and colors.
Derek has a story to tell, would you care to listen as add to the rest of his book?  Please Apply to adopt Derek today!

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